June although considered winter in Southern Africa is peak Safari season across East and Southern Africa. Most of Southern Africa is dry during this time however Cape Town, with its mediterranean climate, experiences winter rainfall.

The Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra create quintessential safari images as the vast herds arrive in the central Serengeti and Western Corridor.

Without the threat of thunder storms June through to October represents the best time of year to climb Kilimanjaro or hike the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda. An amazing physical adventure that can be a great start to a more relaxing safari and time on the pearl white beaches in Zanzibar.

Experiencing Victoria Falls at any time of year is impressive, but in June the water levels are slightly lower so the view of the falls is unobstructed by spray. This also offers a unique opportunity for a swim in Devils falls.

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Hiking and Climbing Safaris The Highest Mountain in Africa

Guided Private Driving Safaris Kalahari Kaleidoscope

Deserts and Delta


From the verdant sparkling waterways of the Okavango Delta to the arid expanse of the great Kalahari, Botswana is a land of great contrast. This precious, peaceful country offers a plethora of luxury accommodation as well as exhilarating mobile camping and tranquil house boat accommodation.

The Source of the Mighty Zambezi


Safaris in Zambia are popular for the abundance of wildlife, exceptionally high standards of guiding and the opportunity to visit Livingstone and the Victoria Falls as well as a world class walking safaris and less crowded national parks.

The Pearl of Africa


Breathtakingly beautiful, Uganda stands out from its drier neighbours Kenya and Tanzania for its incredibly fertile crater lake landscape. In contrast to nearby savannah landscapes the lakes provide plentiful life-sustaining water to the flora and fauna and are topped up by two good rainy seasons each year.

A Thousand Hills


Rwanda is a gem of a country in central Africa, entirely land locked, it sits in the Great Rift Valley and is known as ‘the land of a thousand hills’. These rolling verdant hills are blanketed in part by one of Africa’s oldest remaining forests, Nyungwe, which is renowned for its remarkable array of orchids and huge troops of striking black and white Colobus monkey.

Kalahari Kaleidascope


Famous for never-ending, pristine dunes, the white salt pans of Etosha, the ship wrecks along the Skeleton Coast, the dramatic Fish River Canyon and the gentle Himba people. Namibia is vast and sparsely populated giving you the space to be at one with nature and the spectacular landscapes.

The Rainbow Nation

South Africa

South Africa has wild, remote deserts, fertile valleys, world-class vineyards, vibrant modern cities, and exceptional game parks. The Kruger and Sabi Sand are the jewel in South Africa’s safari crown and offer some of the best game viewing in Africa while there are a host of other smaller parks and reserves in the Northern Provinces and Eastern Cape to explore.

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