In January, the migration arrives on the fertile plains of the southern part of the Serengeti National Park and the Ndutu Conservation Area. This is an exceptional time to witness the start of the calving season of the Wildebeest migration. Thunderstorms are rare at this time of year in the Serengeti.

Zambezi River water levels start rising in January. As the flow of water towards the Falls begins to accelerate, the curtain of water becomes more intense, catapulting the spray higher into the sky. The ensuing dampness brings the rainforest around the falls to life. Flowers start blooming and there is a hive of bird activity as chicks are born and nestlings are raised.

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A Thousand Hills


Rwanda is a gem of a country in central Africa, entirely land locked, it sits in the Great Rift Valley and is known as ‘the land of a thousand hills’. These rolling verdant hills are blanketed in part by one of Africa’s oldest remaining forests, Nyungwe, which is renowned for its remarkable array of orchids and huge troops of striking black and white Colobus monkey.

The Rainbow Nation

South Africa

South Africa has wild, remote deserts, fertile valleys, world-class vineyards, vibrant modern cities, and exceptional game parks. The Kruger and Sabi Sand are the jewel in South Africa’s safari crown and offer some of the best game viewing in Africa while there are a host of other smaller parks and reserves in the Northern Provinces and Eastern Cape to explore.

A Step Back in Time


Egypt has seduced travellers for millennia, situated in the North East corner of the continent it is intersected by the great Nile River which was once the most important trade route between the Mediterranean and East Africa. The ancient passage of people and produce introduced a wealth of religions, culture and cuisine that we find in Egypt today.

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